Professional 12 Hole Ocarina | Key of C | Alto

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 Whether you play by yourself, with your friends, or before audiences, you can impress them all with this beautiful one-piece Alto Ocarina in the key of C. This Beautiful Ocarina makes the most gentle, tender, and comforting music. This ancient soothing1 instrument is made of kiln-dried ceramic. Imagine the fun rhythms of sweet group collaborations!  Practice times can automatically become an inspirational time of peace and worship no matter where you are.


This uniquely styled musical instrument has a precise hole pattern that your fingers should fit into comfortably. It has 8 main holes on the top, plus 2 smaller ones which double the holes handled by the middle, and normally the longest finger to make a total of 10 holes on the top.

There are also 2 holes on the bottom that are each handled by a thumb. The position of these bottom holes lends itself to the instrument's balance and posture while playing.

The third hole in the middle on the bottom is the sound hole where the music comes out. It comes with its own fingering chart which makes it super easy to learn. 



If you are using a microphone while playing your Ocarina, you will want the mic to be below the Ocarina about 6 to 8 inches away from the sound hole. This ancient wind instrument is in the key of C, which means that you can play piano music with it. With plenty of piano music around, there should be lots of choices of pieces to play.

 Even if you don't feel like a pro, this beautiful Ocarina is perfect for solitary play or Music Therapy. As you play this Beautiful Ocarina you can feel the vibrations around you penetrating your spirit. It is sure to bring you many hours of peace and comfort.

 The lovely partially beaded cord that comes with it helps you to carry your Beautiful Ocarina around your neck and wherever you go. Traditionally this Beautiful Ocarina is carried around the neck, even while playing, as a safety feature to prevent your Ocarina from falling and becoming damaged. The carrying bag also protects your instrument should you decide to slip it into a purse or backpack.

  • 1 x Ocarina
  • 1 x Ocarina Necklace
  • 1 x Bag
  • 1 x Music Book
  • Color: Palm Red / Smoked Burn
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Tone (Key) : C
  • Voice Type: Alto
  • Class: Woodwind



- Designed and produced by the tuner personally to guarantee the perfect tone quality.
- Suitable for the ergonomic design and more comfort to the fingers.
- Uses advanced technology, tone tuned by a professional tuner, rounded to ensure quality comfort.
- Corner design blowing hole is more scientifically humanized, ceramic material, environmental and non-toxic.
- The sound hole is designed to keep the consistency of the airflow, and allow the pronunciation to be more accurate and fuller.
- With a Necklace hole, hang in the neck when playing to protect ocarina.


Origin: CN(Origin)
Hole Design: Open
Model Number: MEL_MIA_60N
Tone / Key: C
Number of Holes: 12
Body Material: Ocarina Ceramic
Warranty: 1 Year

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