Lord, Help Me to Forgive | Audio Prayer

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Forgiveness does not mean that what they did was okay. On the contrary, what they did to you was not okay in anybody’s world, and God agrees with you.

This album helps you to let go of the anger and negative thoughts and emotions that have been eating you up for so long.

No matter what was done to you or what they put you through, they were dishing out ‘Bad Karma’ to you. According to the Law of Karma, or as some call it the ‘Law of Reciprocity’ whatever ‘bad stuff’ and ‘lack of love’ they sent to you, they deserve to have that same ‘bad stuff’ and ‘lack of love’ dished out to them.

Holding on to Unforgiveness is like holding onto their arm. God cannot dish out their well-deserved bad karma because you are too close. If He proceeds, you are in the position to get some of the fallout. Your best action at this point is to push your perpetrator out of your mind and give them over to God. Allow God to deal with the situation and bring about the proper justice.

We need to forgive not because we want bad things to happen to them. Rather, we need to forgive so they can learn that what they did to you was simply not okay. We want them to turn from their wicked ways.

You may never get an apology from your perpetrator, so don’t hold your breath.

Once your perpetrator experiences the same pain, the same grief, and the same heartache that you did as a result of their actions, a realization will come upon them. They will experience the consequences of the actions they dished out to you. They will understand that what they did to you hurts. The best outcome of forgiveness is for your perpetrator to turn to others around them and say, “Don’t do what I did because the consequences are unbearable.” Thus creating a better world should others heed their words.

Holding Unforgiveness damages our ability to love and trust others. Holding Unforgiveness for any length of time will wear on and begin to damage our physical and mental health. Unforgiveness is a burden that you were never meant to bear. In ‘Lord, Help Me to Forgive’, Rev. Sonja helps you to navigate the maze of thoughts that surround the idea of unforgiveness and helps you focus on letting the perpetrator go and giving them over to God.