Your Favorite Corsets

  • Jacquard Underbust Bone-In Corset is exactly what you need to make any outfit look gorgeous!

  • The hooks are in the front so it makes it super easy to wear.

  • The lacing is in the back so you can gently tighten it to just the right size and shape with no crunching in the sides like other corsets.

  • Practice with your corset for only an hour a day so your body gets used to its gentle hug.  

  • Wear it when you work out so your corset and body get used to the movement. 

  • When you are ready to party you can wear it over your favorite blouse or under that special outfit. 

  • The sizes go from XS to 6XL so it should be super easy to find your perfect size. 

  • Check out all 11 colors and color combinations and choose one to match or contrast that perfect outfit. 

  • Learn how to wear your new corset here